A true professional!

We just had some stereo equipment installed in our home as partial replacement for equipment previously purchased. Lance Shevchuk was the person we worked with throughout the process. The purpose of this letter is to tell you how satisfied we are with the equipment recommended and the installation itself.

Lance was nothing less than outstanding! He spent time discussing our objectives, likes, and dislikes, expectations and cost targets before making his recommendations. He did not oversell, kept existing working equipment where appropriate and explained in great detail why he selected the equipment he did. He showed up on time and well prepared. The installation process was equally impressive. He is like a surgeon when he works and when done you’d never know anyone was there. A true professional! Subsequently, Lance had to come back to bring us our new remote. And again, he sat with us to explain how the new unit works and answered all of our questions.

The bottom line is that we are very satisfied. Thank You! Gary

Eager to highly recommend

I am eager to highly recommend Lance Shevchuk to anyone interested in a true professional in the high fidelity audio and video world. I have known him for over 15 years and he has done two rather complex installations in our home. Each was done with tremendous skill, care and patience. His workmanship is perfect. The way everything in our living room was designed and installed has transformed the room into the living center of our home. He has been a great source of information and guidance when we wished to add additional equipment later, and integrated the new technology with the existing in a seamless and user-friendly fashion. I would go to no one else to provide this service for us and trust him completely based not only on my experience but on that of others for whom he worked.Mark Rosenzweig


My wife and I both recommend Forefront audio

When I heard that Forefront Audio was getting started, I became very excited – I have known the founder of it for going on 10 years when I was just getting started in High End Audio and he worked at my favorite shop at the time.  When he came on board, I was in dire need of a good cartridge and some turntable alignment tools and he was able to recommend a couple that were well within my budget that did the trick.  Next I wanted to see if cable upgrades would work for us, and Lance not only was able to exceed our expectations with the product but let us borrow the cables for awhile so we could get a good feel of what they brought to the table.  We ended up ordering those cables after understanding what they meant to our sound after about a week.  Now we’re borrowing a set of audio tweaks he put together to help dial the last bit of the sound system “in.”  As I have a very demanding schedule, every time Lance was able to work with me – sometimes even coming over to help with something when I couldn’t make it over to his place.  His style makes him truly feel like a friend of the family, and I feel in a relatively short time, I was able to bring my stereo to a level that would have taken a lot longer, and been more expensive with someone else.  My wife and I both recommend Forefront audio to anyone who wants to have a great sound system to enhance their lives.”–

Brent Irvine


A Wonderful Product and a Great Dealer

We were recommended to Forefront Audio by the distributor of Vienna  Acoustics Loudspeakers.  We are very happy with the product that we  purchased and the service that we received.  Lance brought the speakers and  demonstrated them in our listening room.  His expertise was extremely  helpful in the final set up.  We thoroughly enjoyed the process of working  with Lance and the communication was outstanding.  We feel extremely  comfortable to make further purchases from Lance and Forefront Audio.
Larry and Sue Stanford